all about palm oil and its controversies

Palm oil is used in a wide range of products in the food and cosmetic industry. While this oil has a magnitude of beneficial properties, the palm oil industry is a dark one, with ethical and environmental issues at its core. However, not all palm oil is unethical or unsustainable, which is why it’s crucial to dive deeper into its history and current usage. 

As a personal care brand that values transparency, we are committed to raising awareness and educating others which is why we present you with this informative blog post that will go over everything that you need to know about palm oil. 

palm oil rspo

what is palm oil?

Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil derived from the fruit of palm trees. Types of palm oil vary depending on what part of the fruit they are derived from, such as the flesh, the stone in the middle of the fruit, or from the fruit’s kernels (WWF, 2020). 

let's talk benefits

Palm oil is an extremely beneficial oil to use due to its versatility and range of usage potential. This oil increases shelf life of products since it resists oxidation. Additionally, this oil is extremely hydrating and is ideal for sensitive skin as it helps to nourish any skin irritants and concerns one may have. Also, due to its odourless and colourless nature, this oil doesn't alter the taste, colour or smell of products that contain it (WWF, 2020 and New Directions Aromatics Inc., 2021)

controversies with palm oil and what we can do about it

addressing the controversy

Palm Oil has acquired quite the reputation and not for the right reasons. Unfortunately, palm oil production and manufacturing has been a prime contributor to (WWF and RAN 2020):

  • Deforestation of places that are home to many endangered species 
  • Destruction of our rainforests
  • Increase risk of poaching
  • Pollution and haze
  • The release of tonnes of greenhouse gasses due to the destruction of peatlands, thus emitting years of stored carbon into the atmosphere
  • Exploitation of people who work in the palm oil sector and child labour

so, why don't we just cancel palm oil?

As you may have read above, there are major and alarming issues concerning this sector of agribusiness. Labour exploitation and climate change are both critical issues that are prevalent in today’s society and affect each and every one of us. 

That being said, eliminating the use of palm oil completely is not the solution either. Not only is palm oil diverse in its use and properties, but the generation of palm oil is more plentiful than any other vegetable oil out there, meaning that it requires less space to be produced and harvested, thus lessening the amount of deforestation that occurs. Also, the amount of farmers from areas of developing economies whose livelihoods depend on palm oil will definitely not benefit if we completely abandon palm oil (WWF, 2020). Luckily, there is an ethical solution to this issue and that is RSPO Palm Oil.

the process of becoming rspo certified in the palm oil industry

what is RSPO palm oil?

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil aka the RSPO is a not-for-profit organization that helps to unite, certify and oversee important sectors of the palm oil industry, from production to retailers. Their primary objective is to normalize sustainable palm oil as a proactive solution to the controversies that this oil has been a contributor to (RSPO, 2020).

The certification process is made up of three steps: standard, accreditation and process requirements, which they use to investigate the palm oil supply chain. This criteria helps address issues, reduce negative impacts and ensure that all parts of the palm oil production chain are functioning under the same set of environmental and social standards (RSPO, 2020). 

For more details about the certification process and criteria, visit

diphy wellness and RSPO palm oil

As a business, we are committed to sustainable and ethical practices, which is why we only use RSPO Certified Palm Oil. We take great effort and pride in ensuring that our suppliers only carry RSPO Palm Oil, that is officially certified as sustainably sourced, produced, and manufactured. Diphy Wellness has proactively researched this ingredient and taken into consideration the risks and factors. With our knowledge of palm oil, we do not want to compromise honesty, sustainability, or the quality of our ingredients and so, we believe that RSPO Palm oil is our best option. Organizations like the RSPO are doing what is necessary to ensure that the future of palm oil is sustainable and ethical and companies that use sustainable palm oil are doing their part to ensure the betterment of this issue.

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