clear soap base

sfic clear soap base details... non–GMO (not genetically modified), non–SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate free), vegan (no animal products), hypoallergenic (does not provoke allergic reactions), non–comedogenic (will not clog pours), soy and gluten free (does not contain soy or gluten ingredients), biodegradable (capable of being decomposed), and cruelty free (no animal testing)


citrus, jasmine and lavender handmade soaps are made with our clear soap base 

lavender, citrus, jasmine all made with our SFIC natural clear soap base


coconut oil (sodium cocoate)

rich medium chain fatty acid, saturated fat 


benefits – moisturizing, antioxidant (kills bacteria), anti-inflammatory, accelerates wound healing


palm oil (sodium palmate) 

RSPO, the roundtable of sustainable palm oil – eco–friendly, culturally sensitive and sustainable production) 

saturated fat, vitamins e and carotenoids (antioxidant that your body turns into vitamin a) 

safflower oil (sodium safflowerate)

pure oil made from plant seeds

benefits – pain-relieving, anti–inflammatory, antioxidant (kills bacteria), soothes irritated skin


kosher derived from vegetable fats

benefits – moisturizing, soothes irritated skin, pain-relieving, anti–inflammatory, antioxidant (kills bacteria), creates barrier to protect skin purified water, filtered to remove impurities to make it suitable for use

sodium hydroxide (lye) 

saponifying agent, safe chemical compound that holds and maintains pH of products


sugar alcohol (sobital) 

natural sugar found in fruits and plants​ with thickening and stabilizing properties

benefits – prevents moisture loss, skin-conditioning agent


vegetable propylene glycol 

made of vegetable glycerin (hydogenolysis – reaction between vegetable oils in glycerin and hydrogen at high temperature and pressure to create propylene glycol)​

benefits – helps skin absorb moisture, reduced bacteria growth, makes product last longer


sorbitan oleate 

emulsifier made of olive oil (oleic acid) and natural sugar alcohol (sorbitan) to mix ingredients seamlessly together

benefits – biodegradable, non-toxic, non-irritant, emulsifying agent, surfactant (reduces the surface tension when liquid dissolves)

oat protein (
hydrolyzed oats) 

hydrating complex of vegetable derived oat protein 

benefits – antioxidants (ani-inflammatory and anti-itching), soothes dry skin, moisturizing 

purified water 

mechanically filtered or processed to remove impurities and make it suitable for use


SFIC clear natural soap base