eco tips for an eco-conscious lifestyle

HAPPY EARTH DAY 🌎🌱 celebrating earth day doesn’t mean just caring about the planet 1 of 365 days. It’s about awareness, acknowledgment and highlighting the small changes that we can incorporate into our daily lives.

In honour of earth day we want to share some eco tips that can help you achieve a more eco-conscious lifestyle. 

eco tips to be part of the positive impact on the environment. happy earth day

Simple Sustainable Initiatives:

1. Energy Efficiency - Consider LED light bulbs and efficient appliances or water fixtures.This also includes programming your thermostat or upgrading your insulation, so you save energy (and money) on heating your home. Checking out your home appliances and swapping them out with energyefficient alternatives can be a great idea for your wallet and the planet!'

2. Eco-conscious Shopping - Find sustainable brands and local businesses to support. From personal care to kitchen goods to fashion, there are tons of sustainable options out there! They may not be the first few search results that would appear, but with a little bit of research, you will discover so many lovely brands trying to change the way that we shop! Pro Tip: looking for unique fashion pieces or home decor? buy vintage or second-hand.

3. Change up your transportation - We’re all aware of how damaging fossil fuels are to our environment. While many of us rely on a vehicle to go from place to place, a simple change could be walking, biking, carpooling with a friend, or taking public transit! 

4. Reuse - From bottles to bags, packaging to storage, there are so many opportunities to reuse items. Although it may seem like a small initiative, it can significantly reduce the amount of waste that we end up with. You can also DIY the items you want to reuse to elevate their look.This will leave you with a brand new item in an eco-conscious way. Pro Tip: Turn glass jars into flower vases, home decor, or kitchen and bathroom storage.

5. H2O - Whether it is for drinking, cooking, cleaning or taking a well-deserved bath, water is an integral part of our lives. Water conservation is becoming an urgent practice that everyone is encouraged to take part in. From shutting the tap while it’s not in use and laundering clothes correctly according to care labels to taking shorter baths/showers, you can easily save a little bit of water everyday and a little always goes a long way!

6. Awareness - One of the most powerful tools we have is knowledge. If there is something that everyone can take part in, it is becoming more eco-conscious and learning about different sustainable practices that we can incorporate in our daily lives. A few ways you can do this are reading books and online resources, watching documentaries, talking to friends, and following social media accounts that promote sustainability awareness. The first steps are to accept and learn more, but it is equally as important to share this information with others around you. 

By doing our part and changing some of our daily habits and swapping them in for more eco-friendly alternatives, we can be part of the positive impact. 

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