our commitment to you – it’s the false claims for us!

handmade soap bars made with safe ingredients and packaged with eco friendly materials


After hearing about multiple products being investigated for the ingredients that were  causing harm to any individuals after years of using them, I naturally started reading the ingredients list on the hunt for that specific red listed ingredient. Product after product, ingredient after ingredient, I found myself lost in ingredients lists and to say the least, very confused.

Why are there so many claims out there? After digging deep (throughout my thesis, where I studied consumer behaviour, sustainable consumption and marketing) this is what I found.

The rise of the climate crisis and harmful chemicals in personal care products has led to a consumer demand for more sustainable and safer options. This pressure has led companies to re-evaluate their business practices in order to better cater to their target market. However, not all companies have truly committed to providing more sustainable and safer products and services. Due to the loopholes in regulations, claims are not heavily monitored as they should be. It is these false claims that foster the misleading and skeptical environment in the cosmetic industry, ultimately leaving consumers to fend for themselves – exactly how I felt!!

Knowing and experiencing this skepticism towards personal care and cosmetics lead me to focus on the importance of using safe ingredients in our products. But it doesn't stop there, it is not just about using the safe ingredients. We believe its important to be transparent and this is why we are committed to delivering unbiased truth through informative research about ingredients – ultimately washing away the misleading claims.

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