Sustainability is at Our Core - noissue Eco Alliance

The cosmetics and personal care industry has an overwhelming amount of wasteful plastic packaging. In 2018 in the U.S. alone, the beauty and personal care industry created 7.9 billion units of rigid plastic (Allure, 2020). So much of this harmful packaging is avoidable, but unfortunately it has become normalized in the cosmetic and personal care products that stock the shelves.

From the very beginning of our journey, Diphy Wellness was built with sustainability at our core. This focus is evident through our business practices, partnerships, packaging and materials.

 noissue alliance eco packaging badges


When it comes to our packaging, less is more! We choose materials that are recyclable, biodegradable or reusable. Furthermore, by hand making our products in small batches, we can ensure that no products or packaging materials go to waste.

As a proud plastic-free brand, we understand the difficulties of sourcing packaging. When I first started, I would spend hours looking for packaging solutions that aligned with our brand values. That's why when I found noissue, It was a huge relief. Finally some sustainable packaging material! and you can personalize it to your brand – every small eco business owner’s dream.

Here is a breakdown of the packaging that we use:

 photo of eco packaging material: shipping boxes, pick up bags, soy ink stamp and embosser

Shipping Boxes

Our kraft mailer boxes are made from 100% Recycled Kraft material, and printed with earth-friendly inks. They are completely compostable and curbside recyclable. We also save all of the boxes that come through our front door to reuse for future orders. Big or small - they all come in handy!

Kraft Bag

These high-quality brown kraft paper bags are sturdy, recyclable, and reusable. We use them for pick up orders and markets or pop up events. They make for the perfect gift-giving bag - no need to re-wrap!

Soy-based Ink Stamp

This self-inking stamp is made from over 65% post-consumer plastics and uses soy-based ink. This is hands down one of my favourite ways to customize our packaging material because it is so versatile. It works great on kraft tape, mailer boxes, bags, cotton pouches and even shipping labels!


The product I never knew I needed and am now in love with. This embosser is reusable and made from high-quality materials. It’s the perfect way to level up your packaging!

photo of eco packaging material: gift tags, water activated tape, dissolving packing peanuts and kraft paper

Gift Tag

It’s all in the details - these FSC-certified tags are the cherry on top for our cotton gift bags! They are made from recycled card-stock and printed with soy-based or HP non-toxic inks. The best part is that they are recyclable and home-compostable.

Water-Activated Tape

This tape is made from high grade kraft paper. It’s recyclable and has a strong seal that will ensure that your product stays packaged up until you’re ready to rip that box open. 

Packing Peanuts

Our packing peanuts are composed of corn starch, making them compostable, non-toxic, and water soluble. Fun fact – for the first two years, all of our packing peanuts were either reused from our bulk supplier orders or donated from a local business.

Kraft Paper

Recyclable, reusable, and protects our products while they’re on their way to you. We save the kraft paper that comes in our bulk supplier orders to pack our own orders.


Noissue Eco Alliance and Diphy Wellness partnership logos


It's one thing to say you value sustainability and it's another to act on it! Joining noissue’s Eco-Alliance is another step for us to put our brand values into action. When customer's see that badge they know where we stand.

We also strive to teach others about sustainability through our blog where we discuss different topics about sustainability, living eco-consciously, ingredients, product details and more. 

We’re excited to see Diphy Wellness continue to grow, alongside the list of practices that reduce our impact on the environment.

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