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  • multipurpose loofah bag prolongs your soap-life and great fro gentle exfoliation
  • multipurpose loofah bag for gentle exfoliation
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Diphy Wellness

loofah bag

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our multipurpose loofah bag is perfect for a gentle exfoliation. all you have to do is place your soap in the bag and scrub away. our loofah bags are made from natural sisal fibres, which are extracted from the agave plant and are known to be sustainable in terms of its biodegradability and cultivation.

this loofah bag is great for storage and/or travel!

dimensions: 5.3 x 3.5 inch


• removes dead skin build-up that block pores
• stimulates blood circulation to encourage healthy skin renewal
• Improve skin’s moisture absorption
• prevent ingrown hairs that lead to irritation

how to prolong soap life?
after use, wring out and hang loofah bag to allow the soap to dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Toby Toby
Best exfoliator!!

This loofah bag is the perfect fit for my oatmeal bar!! I love it so much and it's so gentle on my skin. Highly recommend!!

My favourite exfoliater!

This is a really great addition to the soap! It is such a great exfoliater, it’s not too rough or harsh but also makes a difference in my skin!

Best Little Exfoliator

I got this loofah bag with a set that I bought and at first I didn't think I'd love it as much as I did. Once I tried it, it quickly became one of my favourite shower essentials!

It exfoliates the skin so nicely and the quality lasts quite well.. I even put the home bar inside of it so that it naturally lathers on the body once it gets wet. I'll definitely be buying another one once mine wears out!


Honestly lovee this Loofah bag!! Not only is it a cute little bag that holds my Diphy soaps but it srsly works wonders to exfoliate my skin. So happy that it is multi-purposed and eco-friendly 😍✨